We began on our website by sharing that there are tendencies and characteristics of anxiety and ADHD sufferers that if harnessed properly could work to their advantage. Moreover, these principles that can be applied to anyone’s life, artists, entrepreneurs, and those seeking to solve a problem. Fill in the blank.

Such creativity can arise through our sensitivity, emotions, thoughts, and inclinations, when we pay attention to them. By using our ideas for something productive we can get a sense of satisfaction. Reframing anxiety is a creative way can help us experience relief from and deal with the day to day challenges in life.

In this series on creativity, we are discussing what you can do to literally flip the switch on your tendencies when you’re feeling stressed or looking for a solution and use them to your advantage.

Video 1 Creativity Series

Video 2 Creativity Series

Video 3 Creativity Series

Video 4 Creativity Series

Additional Resources

For a detailed video on the steps of the creative process and the 4 steps of creating anything, please click here.  We came across this video and found it really helpful for creativity and problem solving. We urge you to do your best to watch this video with an open mind, which by the way really helps with creativity and problem solving.

For a video where Rick Rubin shares some advice on the creative process, this is a useful video.

Here is another video where Rick Rubin interviews Brian Enos on how he has created ambient music and much more interesting tidbits relating to creativity.