In this page, I would like to respond to some typical enquiries that relates to anxiety recovery. I think these enquiries can be put into two broad categories.

Question 1: first time panic attack. People with this category of question have recently suffered their first their first panic attack(s).

Reflecting on my own experience. I believe that the best way to provide help for people suffering with panic attacks is to provide comprehensive, easy to understand, information which discusses anxiety, panic attacks, panic disorder,and agoraphobia.
Many people who first experience a panic attack don ’t know what is happening to them. Moreover, people who experience a panic attack or panic attacks find it reassuring to understand what is happening to them biologically and psychologically. This knowledge (knowing what is happening) can be a real and initial form of help with panic attacks.
If this question brought you here: I provide this information in detail which you can get by clicking here.

However your question might concern what I have to say below…

Question 2: People with this category of question are curious about whether the time of day has anything to do with their panic attacks, or perhaps they are curious about whether certain occasions/events in their life serve as a trigger for their panic attacks. Does this apply to you?

Well…often in life when things are about to happen there are warning signs. You may have heard this phrase used in other contexts, but what about in the context of anxiety and panic attacks?

If you think about your own life, you might have experienced anxiety after a disagreement with someone or any other negative situation that might have happened in the day.

Often, though, it ’s not necessarily one single negative event but rather the accumulation of such events that make you feel anxious.

Where am I headed with this?

Have you ever had things happen in life where you later think back and say “I had a bad feeling about that ” or “didn ’t really like the sound of it at the time ”, or, “sure enough it made me feel uncomfortable ”.

When such events lead up to my anxiety, I think they often can be described as anxiety warning signs. Every time you have this is feeling does not signal a warning sign; however if you click here then I will discuss this concept further and how it can help with your anxiety recovery.