The pages in this section focus on relaxation techniques for anxiety and panic attacks.

One of the very enjoyable aspects of recovery from anxiety and panic attacks is learning to truly experience relaxation.

Relaxation is not something that anyone can expect to have 100% of the time.  However you can learn to experience relaxation for anxiety and really find yourself immersed in the moment.  The relaxation techniques I share here are not meant to be exclusive from the techniques and strategies shared in other sections of the website.  They are meant to work in a collective fashion as you recover from your anxiety, panic attacks and agoraphobia.

The added bonus from learning relaxation techniques is that they not only benefit you by providing anxiety reduction and calm, they can contribute to your overall wellness and enjoyment of life.

To be clear: relaxation techniques for anxiety is not referring to sleeping your life away.  Rather you can think more clearly and work more productively when you are calmer.  Over time you can learn to be motivated, excited and passionate, while remaining appropriately calm.

It might sound unbelievable at this time, but please try the suggestions provided within this section before making a judgment. You’ll soon discover why it’s worth it to delve into this section once you get started with any of the pages below.

  • Hypnosis for Panic Attacks
    Discusses hypnosis for panic attacks and how you can benefit today and induce the “relaxation response.”
  • Release from Anxiety
    Discusses the scariest aspect of anxiety and panic attacks but reveals why this does not have to be the case.
  • Chamomile for Anxiety
    Curious about natural anxiety remedies? Here is some information about how you might be able to benefit from chamomile…read on.
  • Anxiety and Being Detached
    When you have anxiety, do you feel detached? Anxiety and depersonalization can be a good thing, actually. Read on.
  • Anxiety and Massage
    Massage has been suggested as a form of help for anxiety attacks. But is this the case? Read on to find out more about anxiety and massage.
  • Anxiety Free
    While the importance of being anxiety free might seem obvious, see what it takes to be anxiety free today.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
    Another one of the relaxation techniques for anxiety that is very effective is Progressive Muscle Relaxation. Find out how to do it.