In order to navigate this world and the vast amount of information we have available to us, it is not only important to be able to think clearly, but given how differently people can approach situations and topics in life, we need to be able to effectively communicate.

To break this down:

We need to be in the right place – psychologically – to think clearly. That is, we need to clear our mind so that we can think clearly.

And there are other aspects (such as the setting we are in and/or other considerations) to navigate when we wish to optimize our ability to think clearly.

We want to be able to effectively think independently and experience personal freedom.

We also need to have a process to question, evaluate the evidence, and evaluate our own beliefs on a variety of topics.

We all need to be able to problem solve and use our natural creative ability to work through things from start to finish. This is what life is about when you think about it. It’s just that your version of problem solving and creativity might be applied to things that are unique to you, as an individual.

There are many things in regard to the above that can definitely give us an advantage and we will discuss them in detail.

But there’s more.

Being able to communicate effectively with others (whether it be in-person communication, email, text, telephone, video conference, in-person, among good intimate communication with those who are closest to us) is quite helpful for our wellbeing and life in general.

How so?

This is because communication is important in order to get along with others and be able to achieve our goals – at least those activities that we do collaboratively – and it’s obviously helpful to express ourselves clearly and generally civilly with others even at times when we strongly disagree with them. This can help us be at peace. Not that we are expected to agree or be manipulated by others. However, we will probably find it hard to be at peace without learning to be able to effectively communicate with others. If you have ever noticed when you experience conflict with another person(s) it may be hard to stop thinking about it afterwards. Fortunately, there are strategies for improving communication and also working on your emotions that we will share with you.

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