Problem Solving for Life: Weekly ADHD & Anxiety Tips

Today we want to talk about taking another perspective when obstacles / barriers show up in our life. We’re not talking about magical thinking, but rather, taking some practical steps.

Everyone encounters difficult challenges at times. Anxiety and ADHD sufferers can sometimes feel really discouraged when this happens. However, there is no need to despair when this occurs. It is possible to follow a different path: by taking a break instead of continuing to push forward, when you hit a perceived roadblock. This step is not intuitive at first because naturally one may want to keep exerting effort when they encounter a problem.

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However, we find some very basic steps can allow this process to happen naturally:

  1. Simply stop doing whatever you’re engaged in when you hit a roadblock, or when you begin feeling stuck.
  2. And then, move onto something else that allows you to relax for just a few moments.

Often within a short timeframe, the solution to the problem may come to you. Or at the very least, you can gain some insights or new perspective about the problem you are trying to solve. In some ways, this strategy is consistent with a concept shared in The Breakout Principle written by Dr. Herbert Benson and William Proctor.

A great outcome of taking these steps is that it can often lead us to better outcomes than would have otherwise been realized or achieved had you not encountered the initial challenge in the first place.

Some people might utilize psychotherapy or use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) if certain thoughts and beliefs keep coming up. It can be helpful to isolate problematic recurring thoughts or beliefs. For more information on CBT, we have done several videos on the topic.

Sensitivity can be a helpful trait. It can help you be sensitive to others’ feelings and the more subtle things in life that others may not pick up on, both in a personal or professional capacity. It can also prepare you for certain situations where some vigilance can be helpful.

However, by utilizing the simple steps shared in this video, you can find the right balance with sensitivity and other helpful traits in your personality. In other words, you can address the things you are sensitive to rather than being constrained by them.

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