How to Break the Cycle of Sensitivity

Today we want to discuss how people who are anxious can often be sensitive. And the more anxious one is, the more sensitive one can become. This can become a cycle. You might sometimes catch yourself in the middle of many rapid thoughts that have been triggered by something that bothers you. The process can seem to run on autopilot at times. So, the natural question is: what can you do about this challenge? We’d like to suggest a few simple steps you can get started with today.

Watch the video version below

Try the following:

  1. Take some time to survey yourself. Are there certain things that get your goad?
  2. Then, when you have identified your triggers, think about ways to prepare for the next time they arise.
  3. Spend some time thinking about what may be driving these sensitivities.

Some people might utilize psychotherapy or use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) if certain thoughts and beliefs keep coming up. It can be helpful to isolate problematic recurring thoughts or beliefs. For more information on CBT, we have done several videos on the topic.

Sensitivity can be a helpful trait. It can help you be sensitive to others’ feelings and the more subtle things in life that others may not pick up on, both in a personal or professional capacity. It can also prepare you for certain situations where some vigilance can be helpful.

However, by utilizing the simple steps shared in this video, you can find the right balance with sensitivity and other helpful traits in your personality. In other words, you can address the things you are sensitive to rather than being constrained by them.

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