Podcast: How to Deal with the Tendency to Make Snap Judgments

As a recap, in our last podcast miniseries, we discussed how if everything you do maybe just works a little bit for you, this translates into a really big benefit. Huge actually in the aggregate, in the collective sense.

Taken together, many small effects = a large effect for your recovery from stress, anxiety and ADHD.  We discussed a number of techniques that you could use, that have been shared throughout our various podcast episodes, videos, and newsletter, etc.

If you have spent a great deal working on a variety of things to improve your life, don’t sabotage yourself with snap judgments.  In this podcast episode, we want to talk about how common snap judgments can be, whether we are judging a person or even an idea, what the pros and cons are, and how to deal with this tendency in a balanced way.

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