This video discusses how to calm down from panic attacks by using hypnosis for anxiety and hypnosis for panic disorder. Should you do it? If you decide to, then this video will show you how you can get started on hypnosis for panic disorder and panic attacks, from the comfort of your home, without buying any products.

When I was working on my recovery, I fortuitously came across hypnosis for panic attacks. This was my introduction to the “relaxation response” which is a really important concept to understand.

Herbert Benson, M.D., coined the term “relaxation response”.  He was referring to the physiological changes that happen within the body when it is relaxed during meditation.

Dr. Benson observed that during this period of relaxation, physiological changes such as levels of chemicals in the blood which serve as indictors for stress decreased, oxygen consumption decreased, breathing rates decreased, heartbeat decreased, and skin resistance increased.  These changes all indicate a state of relaxation.

Dr. Benson surmised: “The relaxation response is a physical state of deep rest that changes the physical and emotional responses to stress… and the opposite of the fight or flight response.”

This is very important because the “relaxation response” can be induced by performing hypnosis for panic attacks – which is the opposite of the physiological processes that occur during a panic attack.  The process of a panic attack is the “fight or flight response”.  If you induce the opposite of “fight or flight”, your panic attack can be stopped.

Some clarifications:

Hypnosis for panic attacks doesn’t mean being put into a trance where you’re trapped and can’t wake up. Relaxation can be brought about through self-hypnosis techniques, meditation or even a script in which someone leads you through hypnosis.   In a moment I will let you know how you can acquire a simple yet effective technique.

When I started to get better, hypnosis for panic attacks really helped me.  It was relaxing and felt good.

Additionally, I came to see that the benefits of hypnosis are not restricted to the time when you’re doing it.  By learning to relax, through hypnosis for panic attacks, you can stabilize your anxiety throughout the day and operate much more “in the moment”.

If you take the concept of being “in the moment” into your day-to-day life, the more enjoyable life can become. It’s not surprising that people can do their best work when they are “in the moment.”  You have probably heard expressions like “on a roll,” or “in the zone.”  These expressions capture another experience that being “in the moment” can afford us.

Hypnosis for panic attacks, however, is not just a way of taking a nice time-out to relax.

There is an abundance of research cited by the New England Institute of Hypnotherapy which illustrates the many benefits of hypnosis that are beyond emotional ones.

I would not suggest that hypnosis for panic attacks is a cure in itself, but as you can see, there are definitely many compelling reasons to include it your recovery tool chest.

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