Distractions from Electronic Devices: ADHD and Anxiety Tips

Many people struggle with constant distractions due to the prevalence of electronic devices. What’s more: there is so much information available. And it’s often information that is interesting to us. Because advertising and featured articles are often personalized, they can be very appealing. The problem is, these things often arise when we are needing to focus on something else. In this video, we want to share a quick tip for dealing with this challenge.

Watch the video version below

The tip is to clip it. Microsoft OneNote or other apps out there that allow you to clip a web page and save it for reading later can be your friend.

Once you have the item clipped, then you can save it to a Reading List. You can do this whenever something pops up.

Then you can set aside time to later review this information.

A great thing about this easy trick is that it allows you to naturally sort what is worth spending your time on. What you would actually like to read or look at. That is, you may find some things are worth reading and some are not. This can save you some more time.

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