Weekly ADHD and Anxiety Tips: Enzymes for Zapping Stress Hormones

We want to tell you about a very interesting study: Scientists of South Ural State University are studying enzymes that can break down stress hormones. It has been suggested that this will help to cure diseases caused by stress.

Watch the video version below

The results of the study were published in the journal Stress.

As noted in the publication, enzymes are complex protein molecules that act as catalysts in various biochemical reactions taking place in the body. They perform a significant role in the mechanisms of stress regulation, regulating the level of hormones.

There are two types of interaction of enzymes with stress-induced hormones. In the first, enzymes can irreversibly turn glucocorticoids into inactive forms, while in the second case they can temporarily neutralize them, and the excess hormones are stored “on-demand”, which is the way of optimal regulation. Thus, researchers indicate that it becomes necessary to study this ratio of two types of enzymes that temporarily or permanently suppress stress hormones.

Currently, scientists are seeking a way to regulate the activity of these enzymes. According to their predictions, such a method will be developed in the upcoming years. This study is exciting because it is expected that this research will lead to preparations that receive the status of pharmacological preparations for stress and stress related conditions.

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