Is it normal to talk to yourself?

Is it normal to talk to yourself? You might have heard of the term self-talk, whether it be positive self-talk or negative self-talk. Do you wonder what to say when you talk to yourself? We answer this question which provides help for anxiety, stress, and ADHD, Available in audio, video and text format.

According to the experiment, based on the results of 28 participants at Bangor University, if you talk out loud, it can actually improve control over a task.

A total of 28 participants were given a set of written instructions and were asked to read them silently or out loud during the experiment conducted by senior lecturers Paloma Mari-Beffa and Alexander Kirkham.

The participant’s concentration and performance on the tasks was measured and both were improved when the instructions were read out loud.

Paloma Mari-Beffa, Senior Lecturer in Neuropsychology and Cognitive Psychology, of Bangor University, said that the latter, known as inner talk – is actually very healthy, helping you to control yourself.

Ms Mari Beffa wrote: ‘Our results demonstrated that, even if we talk to ourselves to gain control during challenging tasks, performance substantially improves when we do it out loud.

Ms Mari-Beffa, concluded that performance seems to be better when someone hears commands as opposed to reading them.

We at feel that these findings could apply during a panic attack when one’s thoughts are racing and scattered over the place, in that talking to yourself out loud could help to focus your mind and calm you down.

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